středa 10. září 2008

Tallest Lego towers in the World

The new world record was set in England this May. A 100ft (29.26m) tall tower was build from Lego bricks. The tower was built with help of thousands of families and children each putting together a 20cm blocks that were then lifted by a crate into their final position. It took four days to build it.

Lego tower

The tower beat a record previously set in Toronto in 2007, which at that time beat record set in Denmark the same summer...

One more look at the tallest tower – this time from the top.

... and this is world’s number 2 – 29.03 meters tall.

Here is number three Lego tower – 28.74 meters.

The tower was build from 500,000 lego pieces. If you want to try it yourself, you got to have 2250 boxes of Lego Creator 6161 or 1200 boxes Lego Creator 6166. No matter what - your budget will run in tens of thousands dollars and you’ll need thousands of volunteers. Over 12,000 people helped out in the Toronto project.

Good luck!

Note: This post has been also translated to Czech: Nejvyšší LEGO věž na světě

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